I am actively recruiting postdocs and graduate students for a diverse and interdisciplinary lab. If you have a background in genetics, evolution, anthropology, statistics, computer science, or a related field, please get in touch!

Guidelines for graduate students

Interested prospective graduate students should apply through the Genetics and Biochemistry (G&B) PhD program at Clemson University, to begin Fall 2024. There is no application fee and the GRE is not required. PhD students will be fully supported through teaching and/or research assistantships for the duration of their studies. Please see the G&B website for the current stipends.

G&B PhD students can either rotate in multiple labs before choosing a primary advisor OR be directly admitted to a particular lab. In either case, send Shyamalika Gopalan a brief e-mail outlining your research interests and experience, and attach your CV. As the research in our lab is entirely computational, candidates should have strong computational skills, or a strong motivation to develop these skills.

Guidelines for postdoctoral candidates

I am currently looking to hire postdoctoral researchers to begin as early as December 2023. Successful candidates will have strong skills in computational genomics or bioinformatics and a solid foundation in statistics. To apply, send Shyamalika Gopalan a brief e-mail outlining your specific research interests and career goals, and attach your CV. In your e-mail, please explain how your prior research experiences would make you a good fit for our lab.